Puppers, doggo, best friend … It doesn’t matter what you call them; when it comes to your dog, you want what’s best for them. And we believe that the best way to get started is to focus on the Power of Three.

What is the Power of Three? Well, it’s a little something we created: The idea that when you focus on three key factors across the three stages of your dog’s life — puppy, adult and senior — you can easily provide them a life well lived. So what are the three factors? Keep reading to find out.


What you feed your dog plays an important role in how they look and feel. Proper nutrition gives your dog the right amount of nutrients — like the energizing mix of proteins, fat and carbohydrates in our NUTRO ULTRA™ recipes. Plus, our food not only nourishes your dog, it satisfies all 1,700 of their taste buds and makes mealtime an extraordinary moment.

With options for every life stage, each dry-food recipe features a trio of proteins from chicken, lamb and salmon, and a superfood medley like brown rice, flaxseed and sun-ripened blueberries. And those high-quality ingredients help fuel all of your dog’s favorite activities, whether that’s a neighborhood walk or a game of fetch at the park. Plus, the nutrients will help support your pup’s coat and skin health.


Making sure your dog is getting the right amount of exercise will help them maintain a healthy weight and stimulate them mentally and physically. (Plus it’s good for you, too!) If you have a puppy, several short walks or play periods a day should do the trick. Depending on the breed, adult dogs’ exercise needs can vary. Some high-energy breeds, like Jack Russell terriers, typically need more exercise than lower-energy breeds, like Great Danes. And remember: Senior dogs need exercise, too. Just be sure to follow your dog’s lead and talk to your vet about how much they can safely handle.

Some of our favorite ideas for exercise include hiking, swimming, playing fetch or tug of war, and agility training. Find an activity you and your dog both enjoy, and revel in the positive benefits of exercise — and the extra time you’ll get to spend together.


No matter their size, breed or age, dogs make great company. Dogs can also help us feel less alone and more at ease, and they can even improve our social lives. In short, your dog enhances your life in so many ways.

And the feeling must be mutual. Your dog wants to spend time with you, so be sure you’re consistently giving them the time and attention they need to feel secure and content. Put in the effort to build a strong bond with your dog by devoting some of your day to exercise, training and quality time together.

The Power of Three isn’t complicated, but it is, well, powerful. Incorporate these three factors into your dog’s day to day, and you’re sure to give them a life well lived — the best gift you can give your best friend.