Nutro™ Cat Food

NUTRO™ dry cat food includes high quality poultry or fish as the first ingredient for a superb taste. Our recipes include the necessary ingredients for a complete meal, rich in nutrients and full of flavour.

NUTRO® Kitten Food

Chicken & Whole Brown Rice Recipe


NUTRO® PERFECT PORTIONS™ wet cat food delivers high-quality nutrition in two single servings - serve half now and store half for later! These recipes are formulated with grain, like corn or wheat and always use real poultry, fish, shrimp.

Adult Cat Food

Soft Loaf Salmon Tuna Recipe

MAX™ Cat Food

Cats love the taste of MAX™ CAT FOOD. MAX™ CAT FOOD is available in a variety of flavours and formulas that deliver premium nutrition and great taste, even for the most finicky eaters. It’s uncomplicated, natural nutrition plus the essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients they need at a great value.


Roasted Chicken Flavour