No Compromise: Pet Food Safety & Quality Video

Watch the dedication and passion our associates have for food safety and quality.

Crafted in our USA facilities with the finest ingredients from around the world.

  • We own our pet dry food facilities in Lebanon, Tenn and Victorville, Calif.
  • We conduct more than 600 quality checks a day.
  • Quality experts work onsite to ensure we meet all safety standards and certifications.
  • Our dedicated sanitation experts oversee highly sophisticated daily cleaning and sanitation plans. They also supervise at least one complete shutdown for in-depth cleaning and sanitation per week.
  • All of our facilities are inspected by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • We adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices, Good Hygiene Practices, and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points - all regulated by the FDA.

What is Safety Certification?

We partnered with other pet food manufacturers and ingredient suppliers from the American Feed Industry Association to create an independent, third-party certification program focused exclusively on pet food manufacturing safety. This program is called The Assured & Approved Pet Food Manufacturing Facility Certification Program.

  • It goes far beyond existing pet food regulations to establish comprehensive standards of excellence to maximize pet food safety.
  • This program is entirely voluntary.
  • It serves as a reliable way to measure the safety standards of a pet food company.

Our Dry Pet Food Manufacturing Practices Are Safety Certified

For NUTRO™ brand this means that at our dry pet food manufacturing facilities we have:

  • Defined ingredient standards and ingredient-receiving specifications.
  • Nutritional standards and safety testing for finished products.
  • Verified food-safety policies and practices.
  • Tracking of all ingredients and finished products.

For more details about the facility certification program, visit

Nuto ingredient

Freshness and Stability

  • We buy our own ingredients.
  • We can trace all of our natural ingredients back to the supplier.
  • We work directly with our suppliers to constantly monitor and improve the freshness, quality and stability of our natural ingredients.

Pet Food Testing Measures

  • We've more than doubled our pet food ingredient tests and plan to keep up the effort.
  • We test every grain shipment for mycotoxins (secondary metabolites of fungal origin that are toxic to animals and humans) before we even unload them.
  • We test our natural, key ingredients to ensure they meet our nutritional and food-safety parameters.
  • Every finished product batch goes through careful testing to confirm microbiological safety, nutritional compliance and oxidation testing to confirm shelf stability before we ship it.
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