The NUTRO™ Company Kicks Off Movement to Enhance 30 Dog Parks Across North America

NASHVILLE, Tenn., June 11, 2010 – The NUTRO™ Company, a leading manufacturer of natural pet food* products, is initiating a movement to enhance dog parks across the country called the ROOM TO RUN Dog Park Appreciation Project. The NUTRO™ Company is kicking off the initiative this Saturday with the first event in Nashville, where company volunteers, along with local community members, are painting benches, replacing the retaining wall and participating in other projects to improve the space at Centennial Park.

“We are so excited to get our hands dirty, and we anticipate a tremendous turnout by community members who come to the park on a regular basis,” said Melanie Sapikoski, Sales Associate for The NUTRO™ Company and team captain for the Nashville event. “The activities at Centennial Park will really help shed light on how important dog parks are to the communities they serve.”

Led by associates from The NUTRO™ Company, in partnership with members of the community, the ROOM TO RUN™ project is an effort to enhance and revitalize dog parks in 30 cities across the U.S. and Canada. Enhancing dog parks is a natural fit for the company, as The NUTRO™ Company has had a long standing commitment to natural ingredients in their pet food for more than 80 years. The project is a way for the company to connect with communities and help bring nature closer to home for dogs and their owners.

Volunteers from the company are hosting ROOM TO RUN events at selected dog parks from June 12 to June 19. Volunteer opportunities vary by location, but will include activities such as painting fences, providing benches, picking up trash and landscaping.

“As a company, and as a group of passionate pet owners ourselves, we are dedicated to enhancing dog parks because of the benefits they bring to not only pets but also the owners,” said Carolyn Hanigan, Vice President of Marketing for The NUTRO™ Company. “Taking the time to help communities revitalize their off-leash areas is an endeavor that we are eager to undertake, as it is so important to foster the human-animal bond and bring a bit of nature to our pets.”

Dog parks provide many benefits to dogs and their owners, but many dog owners are disappointed with the parks themselves. According to a recent survey**, 44 percent of dog park-goers say their dog is more social with people and dogs than before they went to the park. Additionally, nearly 40 percent of people that believe their park is not well kept said the grass is not well maintained and another 36 percent said their park is not kept clean.

Whether there is a ROOM TO RUN event in your area or not, you can make a difference by going to your local dog park and making small changes to make it more enjoyable for everyone. For a list of locations and to find out more about the initiative, visit

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