The NUTRO™ Company First to Receive Pet Food Manufacturing Facility Certification Administered by the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA)

NASHVILLE, Tenn., August 8, 2012 – Pet owners are increasingly interested in learning about their pet food – where it comes from, how it was manufactured and the safety of the product. After all, every pet owner wants to protect their pet in every way possible. Keeping pet safety in mind, the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) developed the Pet Food Manufacturing Facility Certification Program (PFMFCP), which assists companies in meeting or exceeding regulations to produce safe pet food products. The NUTRO™ Company is the first pet food manufacturer to receive PFMFCP certification, demonstrating its commitment to lead the industry in producing safe products for four-legged friends everywhere.

Although regulations for pet food manufacturing do exist most pet owners and veterinarians do not have much confidence in the current regulations. 1The PFMFCP, which consists of extensive guidelines and a thorough approval process, goes beyond existing pet food regulations to establish comprehensive standards of excellence to maximize pet food safety. The program is a voluntary, independently certified program, and by pursuing this certification, The NUTRO™ Company is demonstrating its dedication to providing high-quality, safe products for pets.

"The NUTRO™ Company should be commended for showing leadership in this important program," said Joel G. Newman, AFIA president and chief executive officer. "The company has gone the extra mile to demonstrate a strong commitment to pet food safety and offer reasons to their customers for increased confidence in the products they provide. The companies participating in the Pet Food Manufacturing Facility Certification Program are making outstanding efforts."

In order to receive the certification, The NUTRO™ Company manufacturing facilities went through rigorous review in which several key areas were audited, including ingredients used in its food, the equipment and grounds on which the facilities are located to ensure they are cleaned and maintained, and product labels for traceability and identification once placed on the grocery store shelves.

"Unique to The NUTRO™ Company, we independently own the manufacturing facilities that create our products. From the way we select high-quality ingredients, to the process by which our foods are produced, to the associates that monitor production, we are committed to a pet’s well being from start to finish, every single day," said Jan Aretz, vice president of Research and Development for The NUTRO™ Company. "This certification provides pet owners yet another way to have peace of mind that our pet foods are not only nutritious and natural, but are also incredibly safe for their pets to eat."

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The NUTRO™ Company is a leading manufacturer of natural2 pet food products sold exclusively at pet specialty stores. The company has been making premium pet food for more than 86 years and is dedicated to quality, excellence and innovation in dog and cat nutrition offering healthful formulas for every pet's life stage, activity level and size. The NUTRO™ Company's family of brands includes MAX™ dog and cat food, NUTROTM dog and cat food, and ULTRA food for dogs in addition to the GREENIES™ brands, which include the #1 veterinary-recommended pet specialty dental chews3, and PILL POCKETS® and JointCare treats. For more information, please visit and

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AFIA, based in Arlington, Va., is the world's largest organization devoted exclusively to representing the business, legislative and regulatory interests of the U.S. animal feed and pet food industries and their suppliers. Founded in 1909, AFIA also is the recognized leader on international industry developments. Members include more than 520 domestic and international companies and state, regional and national associations. Member-companies are livestock feed and pet food manufacturers, integrators, pharmaceutical companies, ingredient suppliers, equipment manufacturers and companies which supply other products, services and supplies to feed manufacturers.


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12009-2010 American Pet Products Association’s Annual Pet Owner Survey; Oral Health Care Study of 766 Dog Owners, January 2011, Conducted by Trone® Research
2With added vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.
3Among U. S. veterinarians that recommend dental chews for at-home oral care.

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