New GREENIES™JointCare Canine Treats Take 2011 Product of the Year Award

Treats Containing New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel for Healthy Joints in Dogs Wins Coveted Award

NASHVILLE, TN— February 9, 2011— The GREENIES™ Brand, makers of the number one vet-recommended pet specialty dental chews* has thousands of reasons to celebrate the newest in their family of pet treats with a purpose. GREENIES™ JointCare Canine Treats fetched the 2011 Product of the Year title in the Pet Health category in a survey of 60,493 consumers, where it was recognized for its innovative function, design and packaging as a solution for canine mobility.

“As pet parents are increasingly interested in benefit-focused products, The GREENIES™ Brand strives to deliver innovative, targeted treats that allow them to provide care in an enjoyable way,” says Brad Quest, DVM, product development veterinarian for the GREENIES™ Brand. “We discovered that Green Lipped Mussel, found only in New Zealand waters, provides a novel combination of joint nourishing properties. The Product of the Year Award is recognition that GREENIES™ JointCare Canine Treats offer a unique benefit sought by today’s pet parent.”

Just like for humans, mobility in dogs is critical for a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining healthy joints and cartilage throughout life is key to encouraging a healthy and mobile dog. GREENIES™ JointCare Canine Treats help protect the mobility of adult dogs of all ages and sizes** by actively nourishing healthy joints.

Green-Lipped Mussel provides a natural source of omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids, glucosamine, chondroitin, vitamins and minerals. First discovered off the northern New Zealand coast, the native Maori tribe consumed Green-Lipped Mussels regularly and realized a joint health benefit. In a clinical study performed by WALTHAM, THE WORLD’S LEADING AUTHORITY ON PET CARE AND NUTRITION® , the nutrients contained in Green-Lipped Mussel were found to have a beneficial effect on canine joint health. GREENIES™ JointCare Canine Treats are the only dog treat in U.S. pet specialty stores that offer the nutritional benefits of Green-Lipped Mussel. The patented freeze-drying and processing techniques used in our product are specially designed to preserve its nutritional integrity.

The 2011 Product of the Year U.S. Shoppers Survey conducted by TNS shows 68 percent of shoppers say a consumer-voted award means more for a new product than an expert’s opinion. The Product of the Year organization states today’s most effective products connect with shoppers on an emotional level. And while pet owners spend an estimated $47 billion dollars annually on their pets, many analysts point out that emotional bonds of pet parenthood are a primary motivator of product purchase decisions. Products designed to safeguard pet wellness are perceived as protecting the sacred pet-human bond.

“Introducing GREENIES™ JointCare Canine Treats is a natural evolution in our brand’s commitment to seeking out and providing unique treats that provide targeted health benefits for pets,” says Dr. Quest. “Winning the 2011 Product of the Year Award is an honorable vote of confidence from everyday pet parents that we are living up to The GREENIES™ Brand promise.”

GREENIES™ JointCare Canine Treats are for daily use and should be given to pets as part of a complete joint health program that includes diet and exercise. Available at many veterinary clinics and in most independent pet stores and pet superstores, GREENIES™ JointCare Canine Treats come in two sizes for small/medium dogs and large dogs.

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