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What Makes Natural Dog Food So Good?

As a member of your family, your dog deserves the best nutrition possible that will be enjoyable to eat every day. Dog food made with quality, natural ingredients, such as NATURAL CHOICE® Dog Food, actually can make a difference in your dog that you can see — and one that your dog can taste, too.

Good Food, Great Taste

Your dog should enjoy eating just as much as you do, right? That’s important, because a dog that enjoys food eats enough to get all the necessary nutrition. That’s why offering a superior dry dog food means starting with great taste.

Great taste comes from real animal proteins, such as lamb, venison and fish, as the first protein. Real chicken, for example, is the #1 ingredient in our WHOLESOME ESSENTIALS® Adult Dry Formula.

To please finicky eaters, many of our dry formulas include high-quality, natural ingredients, such as whole brown rice and sunflower oil. And dogs love the flavour because our dry dog food is naturally delicious.

Good Food, Great Nutrition

Good food doesn’t just appeal to your dog’s taste buds. It also delivers on all of the health needs of your dog with high-quality, natural ingredients. NATURAL CHOICE® Dry Dog Food contains no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or sweeteners. It’s made with ingredients that make a difference you will notice in your dog, guaranteed.

  • Improved digestion, guaranteed.* A great dry dog food is easy to digest and improves your dog’s digestion. Digestive health is important because, as digestibility improves, dogs can absorb more nutrients and maximize the health benefits they enjoy from meals. Each of our dog foods features a highly digestible source of animal protein. And unlike most pet-food brands, our dog food also incorporates whole grains that help provide the right amount and ratio of fibre to ensure a healthier digestive tract for better nutrient absorption.
  • Small, firm stool, guaranteed.* A visible sign of a high-quality, highly digestible natural dog food is healthy stool. Let’s face it: Stool cleanup isn’t fun, but your dog’s stool is great proof of how well your dog is digesting food. You’ll notice smaller, firmer stool quality, which is good for your dog and makes cleanup easier. Thanks to its better digestibility, our dry dog food also provides less stool quantity and fewer trips to the yard.
  • Improved skin and coat, guaranteed.* The appearance of your dog’s skin and coat is an important outward indicator of your dog’s inner health. NATURAL CHOICE® Dry Dog Food is the only brand guaranteed to improve skin and coat health or your money back. That’s because optimal levels of omega-6 fatty acid (linoleic acid) and zinc provide a moisture barrier to increase skin hydration and shine. Patented B-vitamin levels also promote a softer coat.

* Complete satisfaction or your money back

Natural Ingredients
Natural Ingredients

Our difference comes from natural ingredients in our food.

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Improved Skin & Coat Guaranteed
Improved Skin & Coat Guaranteed

We're the only brand that guarantees improved skin and coat health for dogs.

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Great Taste Guaranteed
Great Taste Guaranteed

NATURAL CHOICE® Dry Dog Food has a taste preferred by 7 out of 10 dogs.

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