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The Power of Protein

Proteins are essential nutrients used to promote muscle development, aid in tissue repair, provide energy and support healthy immune systems in all animals. During digestion, the body breaks down dietary protein into amino acids. Different species have different daily requirements for amino acids. Cats need more protein than dogs or humans.

Dietary Sources for Protein

Not all protein sources are equal. Here are the most common protein sources explained.

  • Real meat is highly palatable, but lower in protein density than meat meal.
  • Meat meal is a concentrated protein source derived from cooking away water and some of the fat from real meat.
  • Meat by-product meal is similar to meat meal, but sometimes contains other animal tissues.
  • Egg protein is considered the most ideal protein due to its amino acid profile and high digestibility.
  • Plant protein is made by removing the starch components of either grains or vegetables. Plant proteins are highly digestible and rich in essential amino acids to provide a complementary amino acid profile to animal proteins.


Sources Used in NATURAL CHOICE® Cat Food

The Nutro Company uses highly digestible, quality proteins from sources such as real chicken, turkey, duck and fish. Find the NATURAL CHOICE® Cat Food with the right protein balance for your cat.

New Formulas Your Cat Will Love

Four distinct textures. Nine real animal proteins. 33 new formulas.

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Mix It Up
Mix It Up

Learn how mixing wet and dry cat food together benefits your cat.

Natural Ingredients
Natural Ingredients

Our difference comes from natural ingredients in our food.

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