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NUTRO® Natural Cat Food

NUTRO® Cat Food, with added vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, offers precise nutrition and a taste your cat will enjoy. Try our two brands of high-quality, natural cat foods.
NUTRO® Natural Cat Food

NUTRO® Cat Food

NUTRO® Cat Food
  • Thankful!"My kitten LOVES this stuff! I feel confident that he will grow into a big, beautiful, healthy, strong adult because of the nutrition he's getting from Nutro Kitten! Highly appreciate such an incredible pet food."— Ali From Dayton, OH
  • Great Food at a Reasonable Price Point"Nutro Natural Choice seemed to hit the sweet spot of reasonable price (especially when on sale) and quality ingredients (i.e., no corn, first ingredient is meat). Both of my cats love the food."— BostonClem From Avondale, PA
  • Best Food“My cats fell in love with your product! They looked and obviously felt great after 2 to 3 months. I definitely recommend it.”— Seansatx From San Antonio, TX
  • The BEST You Can Get"My kitten absolutely LOVES this food. She is so healthy, and her fur is so soft! If you love your pet and want them to have the best, definitely try Nutro Natural Choice!"— KittenLover5 From Marietta, OH


NUTRO® Cat Food features real poultry or fish as the #1 ingredient in our dry and loaf formulas and includes other whole ingredients. Our natural formulas deliver a superior taste and balanced nutrition for every life stage and health condition.




With NUTRO® PERFECT PORTIONS™ cat food you won’t have smelly wet cat food leftovers in your refrigerator ever again. Each PERFECT PORTIONS™ package splits in half so you can serve half now, and store half for later, without the mess or leftovers in your refrigerator. Your cat just gets a fresh grain free meal every time.

MAX® Cat Food

Max Cat Food
  • Excellent!!!! Bravo!!!“The only food I would feed my ‘furry children.’ They just love it and it is very healthy for them. I make sure I never run short.”— KatsMom11 From Deltona, FL
  • Team Orange"Since switching to Max Cat, my 3 orange cats have more energy, their coats are shiny and they are lean, mean kitty machines!"— Team Orange From San Francisco, CA
  • Keeps My Cat Healthy & Happy"Amelia, my cat, loves the food. Max Cat has makes her coat shine, and she digests fur balls best on this food. I'm so glad and confident to serve her Max Cat."— Good Girl From Rhode Island
  • Great Food"I was given a sample of MAX Cat food, and to my amazement, my cat ate the whole sample. It is one of my cat's favorite foods. Thanks for making such a great product!"— Annie1381 From Triadelphia, WV

Premium Nutrition, Great Taste

MAX® CAT Food delivers premium, natural nutrition at an incredible value. Our quality ingredients, unique kibble shape and natural flavours guarantee even finicky eaters will find love at first bite.

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