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CHRIS: Our culture is founded on five principles.


VARIOUS EMPLOYEES: Quality, Responsibility, Mutuality, Efficiency and Freedom.


TIMOTHY: Quality is the number-one principle for Nutro.


ART: There’s a reason quality is listed first.


CHRIS: Here at Nutro, quality is a huge word.


JUAN: I think quality means everything to this company.


VARIOUS EMPLOYEES: Quality starts with me. Quality starts with me.


CHRIS: It starts from the time that the ingredients come into the building.


VARIOUS EMPLOYEES: We do about 600 quality checks.


VIRGINIA: 600 checks … is a lot of checks!


GUILLIERMO: That ensures the quality of food safety of our products.


VARIOUS EMPLOYEES: PV testing, check and double check, and protein, fat, even triple checking, moisture checks at the dryer, moisture checks at the APEC, density checks, we also do finished-product checks, we hold a daily assessment panel, also known as the daily cutting, to look at the size, we look at the texture of the product, the smell, how it looks, you know, from the customer’s standpoint.


VIRGINIA: There are certain specifications that have to be met, and if they’re not, then it doesn’t get shipped.


CHRIS: Here at Nutro, we … we own our own plants.


ART: It’s made here, we 100% control it.


CHRIS: We are obsessed with being clean.


ART: We get visitors in that, you know, are wowed by what they see.


CHRIS: Every tour that I have ever given here at Nutro … the tour always tells me that this is the cleanest pet food plant they’ve ever been in.


LISA: Everybody here understands that regardless of whether you’re sweeping the floor, or whether you’re cooking the food, or whether you’re packaging it out, or whether you’re the site manager, everybody’s job is important.


CHRIS: We don’t rely on a co-packer to help us make our products.


LISA: With a co-packer, you have no idea.


ART: You really don’t have that control; you don’t know truly what that co-packer is doing with your product. So we have that 100% control over it … I think it gives us just a fantastic advantage over our competitors.


LISA: We know exactly what’s on the label, is what’s in the bag.


VARIOUS EMPLOYEES: Nutro is all natural, no preservatives. We believe nutrition is found in nature. We only use high-quality natural ingredients. The more natural, the better. Natural ingredients are healthier, more nutritional for our pets.


LISA: Whenever I feed my pets Nutro, I never have any doubt what’s going in their bowl.


GUILLIERMO: Pet owners expect the best product from Nutro, and that’s what we provide.


ART: Earlier in the year, my boss approached me and challenged me with this objective of zero landfill. I was pretty excited about that. I really enjoyed working towards it, you know helping the environment, I care about this. When you compare this year to last year — the same time frame — we’ve actually reduced our contribution to landfills by 82.5 percent.


CHRIS: Everybody cares about what we’re doing, and they’re very proud of this company.


LISA: Quality is a word that’s just thrown around from company to company. But here at Nutro, our name is on that product, it’s not just a pet food. When it’s got our name on it, that’s us — it’s who we are.


CHRIS: What we do is highly technical, and scientific, it’s very demanding. That’s what it takes to make the best pet food in the world.

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